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November 20, 2007



I am happy to participate! Send me an email and I'll respond.


In terms of this observation: "I noticed on one blog that out of 45 photos including people, only 15 showed their face. Mothers seem to be getting more creative when it comes to photographing their children and to me it seems like capturing the "small moments" are becoming as important as birthdays and holidays."
There are very practical reasons for both of these items.

1) If you talk a lot about where you live and what's going on in your life, you may not want to give away the final piece of information and tell the world what you look like. -- Don't invite disaster. So pictures with faces are the ones not posted, but they certainly still exist.

2)Film and developing pictures the old traditional way can get expensive pretty fast. In contrast, taking a bagillion digital pictures and publishing them online, or sending them by email costs very very little. People can afford to take lots of pictures and feel free to experiment. They can take enough pictures to become better photographers. They can take pictures of all those everyday moments.

So how much of what you are noticing is a difference between public (blogs) and private (albums). And how much is a change in the way photography is done in general?

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