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November 15, 2008



Yay! I'm always looking for more blogs and inspiration, this list will come in handy!

miss paula

I do!! I stitched for AnnieOakLeaves last week and I am stitching for someone in France! This is what I am currently working on.

Victoria Payne

I've only just discovered your wonderful blog--I LOVE the new tree stitched on canvas (of course)! Check out my Mixed Media Embroidery Gallery on flickr & share your tree when it's done--we'd LOVE LOVE to have it in the gallery (my flickr account is under freedom of stitch and my current blog is freedomofstitch.com--about to launch NEW site in December)! Do visit & keep stitchin! victoria

Said Abdullah

relly its very nice I love it also the is anice embroidery design on that website its free direct downloade link

relly its very nice I love it also the is anice embroidery design on that website its free direct downloade link



I am thinking about purchasing the Brother Entrepreneur PR-650 Embroidery machine. Any advise on this machine or personal experiences?

Soon to be Stiching


We do commercial embroidery here in Auckland NZ, and I was trawling google for some ideas... what a great find your blog is!

Jeannie B.

Hi, I have a fairly new sewing blog and feature (will feature more) embroidery too. I don't know if you would be interested in my blog but please visit and find out. I love old fashioned things and my most favorite stitch is the Feather Stitch!! My blog is 'The Old Fashioned Baby Sewing Room" Hope you like it!

seth Matkowsky

Hi I am just getting familiar with blogging and I LOVE your site! I love crafting new designs and offer free designs on my website, please stop by and check them out.


Superb Embroidery!!!!!

Love to see more designs........


Merlin Embroidery

Awesome! I was looking for some like minded bloggers. I need not look any further. Thank You very much!


So glad I found your lovely blog while googling for sewing/embroidery inspiration ( a change from years and years of knitting). Early retirement to South of France, still need socks (those tiled floors in winter)! but not so many woollies required. Great job you've done, looking forward to reading your archives over the coming days.


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