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April 21, 2010



I made an apron in 8th grade sewing class and didnt get a good grade on it. My teacher said it wouldnt last long.
I wore it for her grade 10 cooking class.
It was red with white hearts.
What a thoughtful giveaway.


Oh my goodness, that is a great giveaway! I have Felting For Baby (I must use it one day!) and would love a chance to try one of the other. The very first sewing project I did was in home ec many many years ago. I do remember making a giant pink fake fur dog and calling my mum to come pick me up - no way was I taking a pink stuffed dog on the bus at 14! Surprisngly it sat on my mums bed for years and years. I doubt I coud make one today without my sewing teacher!


I don't really remember my first sewing project, I was just a girl. I remember sewing doll clothes by draping little bits of fabric onto Barbie dolls and making a few stitches. They were hideous and usually fell apart instantly.

Tanya B.

I took a sewing class in 1992 in Rhode Island and chose a long blouse for my project. I also chose RAYON for the fabric, (foolish, foolish...) and never got beyond sewing the front and back together. Sleeves stayed wip. After Rhode Island, I moved to Japan and my Japanese neighbor Mrs. Arasaki finished the blouse for me :-)...she even sweetly embroidered my name on a small tag she sewed into the collar. But...it was only then that I realized I had in fact cut out the wrong size, and the blouse was SLIGHTLY too small. Just enough to be wrong. Mrs. Arasaki kept the leftover material, and I've re-purposed that rayon in small way since then. It was awhile before I sewed again, though. Rayon is not a good beginner fabric, after all.... :-)


The very first sewing project I remember was over 35 years ago - in junior high school. It was an outfit for my first niece. It turned out well and I made a couple more outfits from the same pattern for her.


I don't think that I did any sewing as a child, despite the fact that my mom and grandma were always sewing! I decided about a year and a half ago that it would be fun to try sewing some stuff, so I asked my mom for a sewing machine for Christmas. With the sewing machine, she gave me a kit to make an apron, and it turned out really well! Since I got my sewing machine, I have made 2 quilts, dresses, shirts, and pj's for my daughter, knitting needle holders, doll quilts, colored pencil holders, and who knows what else! Who knew that I would turn into such an addict??

Thanks for doing the giveaway!!


In 7th grade I made a cotton top in home ec class. I was in the midst of a growth spurt (I'm 6 feet tall now) so by the time I finished the top, it was too small! My mother was proud none the less. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing.

Morgan M.

Hmmm... I think my first sewing project was when I was in high school. It was a denim skirt that I never ended up wearing. My second project was a dress that I never finished (but I still have the fabric!), and then I took a sewing break for like 7-8 years to recover!
Thanks for the giveaway


I don't remember the first general sewing project that I did, however I do remember the first quilting project I completed. I was probably about five and we were moving. With the help of my mother, we created a "house portrait" quilt (which really just looks like a bunch of scraps) of our old house. There was also some imagination at work here, as I incorporated things I wanted to see in our new house, too.


My first sewing project that I remember was an apron that I just vaguely traced and made reversible. It is the worst looking little apron but I still have it.
Found your site through a google image search for embroidery!


Wow, that's a great giveaway! I don't remember my first sewing project as a kid, but I do remember always being in the sewing room with my mom. She'd let me use her tracing wheel to make patterns on her tracing paper. I guess that stuff was cheaper back then, cause I'd never let my daughter destroy my tracing paper now! :) As an adult, when I wanted to get back in to sewing, my mom helped me make a simple a-line skirt. It helped me with re-learning the basics like zipper insertion, hemming, waistband facing, etc. Then I was off and haven't stopped yet!


I really can't remember my first project..I was fortunate enough to have a grandmother who sewed all her clothes from early on in her teens..pretty sure she sewed for the whole family..all 18 of them :) She was a great sewing role model and if I asked her for some stir-up pants she would whip them up in about an hour or less..I really miss her!


my very first project was in junior high "home Economics" class. I made a black skirt. I was very please with it that my next project in the class was a Jacket with lining and button holes. My mom was quite impressed. I just recently picked up sewing inspired my my 2yrd daughter. I just want to make her clothes all day long!


Oooo, I've always wanted Carefree Clothes for Girls! My first sewing project wasn't that long ago and it was cloth napkins (does that even count?!). Thanks for the giveaway!


I haven't started on my first project yet. I've bought a sewing machine just last saturday, and I'm still learning how to operate it :-)


I think my first real project was to sew some diaper doublers for my first baby. I broke a serger making them!


Hi again-- Not sure what happened to the comment I originally left, but I want to be sure I have a chance at this awesome giveaway (I've had my eye on that Linen, Wool, Cotton book for months!) so I'm going to try again! The earliest sewing projects I remember were through 4-H -- a patchwork potholder, a stuffed patchwork horse and a vest. I think my first solo, non-4-H project was a tooth fairy pillow... Thanks for the opportunity, and for the sew-a-long. I haven't posted photos yet, but I've been sewing along with you and loving it!

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