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May 05, 2010



Hooray! :-) I loved Adrianna's dress, too. Very "Heidi" -- and that BUBBLE HEM is great.

I like yours as well...and waxed long and poetic about the collar over on flickr. Mine was large, large, large, too. You have a good idea about the ribbon tie. But, I think if you want to leave it as it is, it's beautiful. The colors are live-out-loud and pretty, (collar is divine!) and she looks really sweet in it. Still -- you might find the perfect place to stitch some beads on. Either way, it's happy and bright and pretty just as it is.

GREAT picks for May, too. (I was wrong again on my guesses...ha ha!) It will be fun. :-) Thank you again for being the organizer, Melissa.


Wahoo!!! Thank you so much! I REALLY wanted that book to, so this was the perfect month to pull out a win :)


I just didnt get it together this month.
I have to admit that the skirt intimidates me. I will have to start early.


I was wondering about the pattern pieces for the Natural Cotton Skirt. My 'yoke' isn't labeled on my pattern sheet....I am thinking it's probably the rectangle over by the hat crown, but wanted to ask anyway. I've already posted this question at flickr, in case someone finds the same thing.

And, TARA! I'm personally saving all my Angst for the quilted bodice dress, or linen coat... ;-) ha ha! If you can track down the yoke, it looks like the whole thing is made of three skirts, one on top of the other. It will be fun to see the different fabric combinations....I love this book so much. I love this Sewalong so much, too.


I finished my May projects...and I was surprised at how 'tricky' it was. Not hard...just 'tricky' with all those layers and layers of fabric to keep still.

:-) But, it was fun -- I love, love, love this Sew Along.



I finally got around to posting a picture of one of my projects: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12388603@N08/4743724167/in/photostream/

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