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August 23, 2010



You knit two pairs of wristwarmers in three days?? And I just barely got the needles out last night...

I'm heading over to your ravelry page right now. Apparently, there is a lot going on over there these days. ;-)


I'm glad I went over there to ravelry...I saw in my WIP's that I've got wristwarmers on the needles right now. Seriously, I had forgotten about them. I bag and seal everything up when the weather gets hot...

:-) My wristwarmers are just a plain-jane free pattern that came with a skein -- but I love reading your reviews for the cabled & complicated.


No! I dont think I could do that. The Cafe ones took almost 2 weeks and Fetching took 2 months! I just got around to finishing and blogging them this past week.

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