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June 16, 2007


Regina Clare Jane

Santa Cruz seems a very eccentric place, indeed! I am glad that you can find some healing here...


Great pictures, that cat is hilarious! Looks like a beautiful place to live.


You'll never be bored there! Thanks for sharing the pics.


We live in the Bay Area and visit Santa Cruz quite often. We love it! I've never seen this pink lady/man but he's just one of the quirky characters that make Santa Cruz so much fun.

Betty C.

Thanks for sharing the photos of Santa Cruz. When I was at Stanford (a long time ago)I used to go there with friends for Sunday brunch at some very popular place. It did seem like a very, very cool town even then.


Such neat photos! Very colorful and interesting. I used to sew a lot, but haven't done so for pleasure in a long time. Your projects may inspire me:) Would love to see more of them....
Good luck in your new home!


I love the Santa Cruz pink "lady". It seems every town has a stand out odd ball, here is ours http://www.adelaide.citylegends.com/gallery.htm Johnny even has his own fan club - ha!


Santa Cruz seems like a cool place.


I love Santa Cruz. We "discovered" it with our kids a couple of years ago. We've not had the pleasure of seeing the Pink "Lady," but I'll make sure we search her/him out next time we're there. Great post.


The pink man/umbrella man is named Robert Steffen. He used to work for Nasa but he quit and is a street performer living among the homeless of Pacific Avenue.


Meghan- Thanks for informing us of who he is! I love hearing where people came from. Life stories are so interesting!

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