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October 20, 2007


Mrs. Chicken

How do you get the pattern on the fabric? I cannot for the life of me find regular transfer paper. I am trying to get my own designs on the fabric.


First, thank you for commenting on my blog! The way I transfer patterns is by transfer pencil. The paper doesn't work for me so I don't use it for fabric. I have an iron on transfer pencil that I trace over my designs. Then I arrange the pattern on the fabric and iron over it. Since its permanent I only do one or two tracings over the pattern before ironing. You don't want the transfer to be too dark. I also don't go over details. Trace outlines only and add the details later. I almost always go over it with an disappearing ink pen, sometimes adding in possible details (since they will disappear anyway). The ink lasts about 3-4 days and if I am not finished I go over it again. If it does disappear I can usually see the transfer well enough to re-trace it.



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