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October 31, 2007



I trace my patterns onto baking paper to iron with, it stands up to the heat really well.
I have one of those vanishing ink pens too, but it sucks! It's brilliant to use but it says it lasts 2-14 days before fading, I can turn my back and it's often faded in 2-14 minutes!! Gotta stitch like wildfire!


these pencils eventually wash/wear off. don't know if they are the ones you are using -


and i use this tracing paper with them -


both are on sale right now and i actually take forever to use them up, usually i just lose one or the other!


This is fabulous! Question: What type of fabric are you using there? I've not ever done any embroidery, but this looks fairly easy and I'd love to try--and I was wondering if I could just buy some cheap unbleached muslin to make a skirt and embroider it...


Thank you! you rock!


I just tried the transfer pencil for the first time tonight... I used it on flour sack towels and it burned/discolored the fabric before I could even see the marks transfer onto the fabric...I had my iron on 'cotton' setting...not sure what is going on with that...just another roadblock on my way to embroidering!


I was wondering if you could recommend a webiste where I could order a sulky pen online? I live in Canada/Quebec and have access to the Ottawa region but no stores seem to have that and plus, all the online stores I've checked don't have any or don't ship to Canada...

any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


Nice! thank you for sharing that. I have wondered how to transfer a design - the inkjet way smears for me - clearly I'm doing something wrong there, but this looks reasonably easy.

linda collins

I use the Aunt Martha's transfer pencil and if your finished item is washable, you can remove the marks by soaking in oxy clean.
Goo Gone Ink Remover is also effective, but expensive if you do a lot of embroidery, and hard to find. I have purchased it at www.googone.com.

For Veronica - yellowing of the fabric seems to be a transfer of chemicals from various papers. My "yellow" has disappeared since I bought the hot iron transfer paper.

Logo Design

Thank you dear, that is really very pretty.


I copied large transfer designs on a copy machine and made them smaller. I bought a hot iron tracing pencil at one store and traced the design on the copied paper and then onto a piece of fabric. The design was so faint I could hardly see it, went over the design again and not much difference. Bought a different brand pencil, same thing happened. I'm taking both pencils back for a refund. Oh well, so much for transfer pencils. They don't work for me!

Miss Paula

I bought one from Joann's that is supposed to do the iron on thing. Didn't work! I am looking at the Sulky pen from Sublime St.

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If you want your pattern larger or smaller you can adjust the size on a copier or in a photo editing program (I use Gimp, free and AWESOME). Also remember to reverse your image if it isn't already.


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