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July 25, 2008



Love this! Thanks for sharing!


That's really cute! I love your banner too.


This is so cute! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Very fun! I'm gettin into the embroidery groove, so I'll need to add this to my favorites-to-try. Thanks for sharing :)K


I think it`s cute, but isn`t it really a rip-off? I have this book and read it a lot as a child.


too cute : ) thanks for sharing


I don't believe it is a rip off. I didn't claim the image as my own, I drew a line drawing of an image in a book. I am not selling the image either. I think scanning the actual page would be more of a rip off to the company. Does anyone else agree or disagree?


It's not a rip off, how can it be a rip off to embroider an image you found in a book? Man, I do that all the time, it's totally and completely fine. If you decided to publish it in a book or sell it as a greeting card that would be a different story but the legal stand point is that you only have to alter anything you want by 20% if you want to recreate it for sale so there you go. You could totally sell the finished embroidery of this image.

It's so cute too, btw, so thanks!

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