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June 27, 2010



Wait a minute, wait a minute...what is in the glasses up there? Tomato plants? Seasons Table arrangements?

LOVE the sneak peek at your pink and gingham fabrics, too. I'm eager to see it and read what you thought about that pattern! I used a million pins in mine....

The mud pie maker photo is sweet.... ;-)


Those are tomato plants. I took the larger suckers that I pruned from my tomatoes and stuck them in some water for about a week. I change the water about everyday or they start to wilt. After a week the bottoms are covered in new roots. I plant that baby in some dirt and wait for more free tomatoes!

We have a long growing season here so its easy to do. I dont know how well it would work for a short summer. The tomato plant might be just getting going by the time the first frosts hit.

I am so intimidated by the skirt! I told myself that I am going to get at least half of it done today.

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