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July 05, 2010


Tanya B.

Finally -- I guessed RIGHT! :-)

Although, the combination of summer heat + dwindling patterns might have something to do with that... ha ha!

I am ALSO eager to sew the chemise -- and have some 'saved' fabric set aside just for that pattern. Babushka scarf as well...

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for being at the helm on this sewalaong. :-)



I finished....and am hoping to make another chemise. Once I got the measurements right, it all fell into place.

Of course, she can't grow now...that would throw everything off. ha ha!


I am definitely going to join this challenge. I just discovered this sew-along, and I purchased the book a few months ago, so I'm really excited. I've made the pants (which I love, and were so easy) and will make at least one chemise, if not more. I'm eager to get going!


I made the chemise, you can see it here:

I'm having some problems with flickr - I never merged my old account with a yahoo account and now they won't let me. Looks like my old profile and all my pictures and comments are lost to me forever :( I've put it up in our Crafterhours flickr for now and added it to the group.


I finished one chemise; I plan to make another but am not sure when I'll have it done. But here's my first one:


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