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September 20, 2010



First of all, I am SO HAPPY all of you are OK after the power line incident. Yikes. I think you were completely right, by the way, to make those chocolate banana bars. Definitely the perfect antidote to scary stress.

I also thought it was very funny how you went from describing the warm and fuzzy anticipation of your December holidays at home, STRAIGHT into the voodoo dolls and eyeballs on your knitting needles. :-) ha ha ha! That made me laugh.


Sheesh! It sounds like you had quite a scare. I am glad all is well! Downed power lines are super dangerous!


@ Tanya & Randi - I am happy I am ok too! I was freaked out for a few hours afterward. I love the eyeball pattern! They would look great skewered on my needles! Mwwwahahahaha!


I cannot believe the damage a balloon can have on power lines. I remember the balloon guy mentioning that an entire city block can lose the power if a balloon hits the lines but I didn't realize the lines could snap. How scary.


@ Selena - I know! We had power out on two streets for most of the day. Some buildings and houses, like mine, were out all night.


Yowza, I didn't know that about Mylar balloons!!

Thanks for introducing me to 2 new-to-me blogs (seriously-thanks, not sarcastically-thanks). I'm looking forward to cooler weather here so my itch to bake will kick in. I'd like to learn carpentry, but it seems to take a good head at geometry and I'm more of an algebra girl -- doesn't mean I won't try one of these days tho! I'd enjoy knowing how to work on cars, but older cars, not these new-fangled complicated-engine cars ;-).


the change of seansons always brings me a kinda strange mood..it makes me think about the time that has gone by, and the new things to come..especially in the autumn, when the landscapes change, the leafs having different shades of green and yellow which eventually turn into brown, spreading on the ground, and making a thin 'carpet' you walk on by melancholic..yeah..

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