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October 05, 2010


Tanya B.

Excellent..... :-) Excellent choice!!

I especially like that you gave us a mini pattern review, there, too. I'll have to consider the hook/snap question, as well.

Thank you very much again for hosting this, Melissa. I hope you're off to an easy week. Well, EASIER than last week ;-) shouldn't be too hard to achieve.


i was taking a closer look at the scarf in the photo & to me it looks like crochet, yet the pattern in the back of the book is knit...hmmmmm...


done !


lots of fun ! super quick & easy !



Finally done.

Rachel has R U I N E D me for brown, though. The whole time I kept thinking: this would be better in another color. I wish I had another color. Maybe a pale blue???

ha ha ha! :-)

Seriously, though -- that mustardyellow+robinseggblue combination is in my head forever!

Mari @ Choochmagooz

Ergggggg...Finally finished myself but sooooo outside the box with this one, not sure if it qualifies as this months pattern. Haven't photographed it yet so will have to get on that tomorrow.

Mari @ Choochmagooz

Okay, finished and posted...

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