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November 05, 2010


Tanya B.

Hey! We were out of town this weekend, so I'm late on my usual applause :-) for the new choice. I like how you gave suggestions/starters on this pattern, for I will admit, this one had me staring BLANK. Hooray for the creativity boosts you wrote, as well.

And TWO months! I was also nervous about the December rush....which starts now for me. That's like a gift right there!

Mari @ Choochmagooz

I agree with Tanya...the 2 months is a great gift right now!! I was a bit panicked as I've been working on getting my products photographed for my etsy shop and didn't get to check in until now! I thought I'd just knocked a week off my time..and you've added 4..YAY!


I didn't want you all to be going crazy trying to finish everything. I know I will be :)


finished !


it's PINK !


Finally -- I'm finished as well. :-)


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