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December 31, 2010



I am CRAZY about your expression "..as soft as Peter Cottontail..." Is that a yarn name, or your own phrase? Wonderful -- and I will klepto ;-) that description myself for describing something that is soft, softer, softest. Beautiful cowl, by the way!!!


Tanya - Do you know the nursery rhyme? "There goes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easters on its way..." That is where I got it from. I couldn't think of anything else to compare it to except a fuzzy bunny. You are welcome to it steal away :)


Oooh that's pretty! I just added it to my own knitting list. I'll be spreading the word as well.


The cowl is lovely!


This is such a great pattern! I can't wait to knit it. I've been hoarding a skein of Eco Duo (LOVE this yarn!) for the perfect next-to-the-skin project. Thanks for sharing!

Emilie Kenworthy

hi Melissa! Quick question about the pattern......
the row 5-first cable pattern- is different than the "star crossed slouchy beret". She includes a K3 after the K3 from the cable needle. Was this done intentionally? The reason I noticed is that I just finished the hat! Thanks for your feedback!


Emilie - Great catch! Its fixed. Thanks!

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