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January 11, 2011


Tanya B.

Wait a minute....what about the vest, the hat, the scarf....the sundress?!

You can see I'm not ready to *let go* of the Sewalong any time soon. ha ha! :-) :-) It's been such a constant friend to me, too. Like therapy.

Hmmmm...I'm choosing pants, as well. I pre-bought linen for the coat in August before the fabric stock changed (no linen in winter here....no wool in summer) since I was SPECULATING ;-) that you would assign the coat in the Fall. My linen is deep coffee-brown, so am not as excited about that right now. We'll see. But, pants first at any rate.

Any suggestions on wool for the warmers? I'm having some trouble finding washable + not-scratchy in my stash. I wandered around ravelry a little, hoping to find something similar. What are you going to use?


Tanya - You are on top of this more them me! You are right I did skip some of the smaller projects, but I figured that the big ones were the most important.

I am not sure what wool I am going to use. I am knitting Shalom with Cascade Eco Wool and I think it is nice but a little scratchy. My washed gauge swatch is much softer so I am hoping it will soften after I block it.
Check out Spud & Chloe Sweater. I made my sister a pair of fingerless mitts with that and I love the yarn. Soft and squishy.


I've been waiting for you to put up the pants so that I could post mine!


Fun, very useful, very cute project!


i finished knitting the legwarmers, but that's all... i really would like to make the lace trimmed coat some day...

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