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February 12, 2012



I would NEVER have guessed that about you...and it's for a very flattering reason: you are sooooooooo artsy. I guess when you explain perfectionism the way you did, I can understand how you feel it describes you. But, my impression is that perfectionists don't take chances on art - too risky, right? Either way, I really like what you produce, share and put out here. How about another sewalong?!? :-) [That was only my *favorite* thing on the internet EVER!!!!]

Hey, so apropos perfectionism & project angst - do you sometimes feel drained by what you create? I mean, after you have finished, do you feel completely spent and empty? Or, do you feel gratified and ready to move on to the next thing? I have experienced both, and am just curious if either of those resonate with you.


PS: I forgot to write that I order the same things over and over from menus, as well....for the reasons you wrote. Also, I'm pretty sure everyone double checks what they blog before hitting the "publish" button. It's a big deal, after all. One word chosen hastily turns into 4,000 misunderstandings.... [well, not really, but you know what I mean :-) -- blogging takes a lot of strength.]


I am happy I am not so obvious! You know what I do with art... If I am worried I wont like it when it's done I just won't finish it. That happens a lot.
I do feel drained sometimes, but usually when I am doing a project that I don't want to do anymore and I am just trying to finish it. Or if I am disappointed with how its turning out then it takes all the excitement about the project out of me.

I was thrilled when I made Brae's curtains a couple weeks ago. It had been the first time I used my sewing machine in months and I suddenly woke up and decided to sew curtains. By 10:30am I had the curtains done, they looked perfect, and I didn't make a single mistake the whole way. I was thrilled. lol but then again, they came out perfect, so of course I was thrilled!

You want to hear something weird about me eating out. I am on autopilot when ordering from every place except a sushi bar. I will eat any sushi you put in front of me, I don't even need to know what it is or if it's raw or not. I will eat it without a second thought.

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